P.F. Chang’s Oolong Marinated Sea Bass

May 2, 2007 at 12:56 pm Leave a comment

So I had dinner at P.F. Chang’s with my mom last weekend. With her being a vegetarian (well, if we wanna get technical, she’s an ovo-lacto-pescitarian), she wanted something different than her usual shrimp.

Make a long story short, we see there’s sea bass on the menu, but she didn’t really want to order it since it was on the expensive side (compared to the other dishes we were ordering). Our waiter heard us mention the sea bass and told us that it is actually their best item on the menu. He went on to say that the employees are no longer allowed to order it even. I guess they get it for free or at a discount, but they were ordering it so much that management put a stop to it. Hehe. Anywho, with all that being said, my mom decided to try it.

Apparently, and this is according to our server, the sea bass is marinated in oolong tea for two days. And it comes broiled and served with sweet ginger soy sauce and spinach.

LET ME TELL YOU… I ALWAYS order Mongolian Beef when I go to P.F. Chang’s. It never fails! Hell, I even ordered it that night with my mom. But for the first time, I tried a dish at P.F. Chang’s that threatened to dethrone my beloved Mongolian Beef. I didn’t really care to eat my MB after I tasted the sea bass! And mind you, I have a love/hate relationship with sea bass. It was that good! Seriously, if you’re looking to try something new instead of your usual favorites at P.F. Chang’s, try the Oolong Marinated Sea Bass! It’s Mich approved.

8/3/07 Edit:  Not to knock the oolong marinated sea bass, but… I ordered it for a 2nd time, maybe a couple weeks after the first time… and it wasn’t as worthy of dethroning my beloved Mongolian Beef that time.  Then again, I have a love/hate relationship with sea bass.

I still recommend you guys try it at least once.


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